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01: Interview with Kara Goldin

Kara Goldin:

Today was epic. I was beyond excited to speak with Kara Goldin and simply put, here's why: She's not only a mother of 4 children, but she had a HUGE job at AOL, and she left. Kara was ready to try something new after reaching her goal of 1 billion dollars in sales at AOL - so she up and left! How many of you would do that? Once she had time to reflect on her life, she realized that she had a diet coke addiction, and started thinking of ways to break the habit and get healthy. After dunking fruit in water and watching it gunk up, she started boiling the fruit and putting the flavor into her water - and before she knew it, HINT water was born (around the same time as her 4th child, literally). Her water is exactly what it implies, water with a hint of fruit flavor - there are no artificial flavors or chemicals in HINT water. The next issue she tackled was sunscreen after a scare of her own - and now, HINT sunscreen will be placed in pharmacies across the country. Ladies, this woman recognized a problem, and then found a way to solve that problem. This is incredibly inspirational and makes you think, if she can do it, I can do it!

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“I ran that company until it was a billion dollars and then I basically decided that’s a pretty big number and I really want to go and do something else. I just had 2 kids, and 9/11 affected me. I was pregnant with my third child and I wanted some time off to be a mom and figure out what I wanted to do next."

"I was on a parallel path when I decided I wanted to get healthy, get rid of extra pounds and adult acne. I realized that I had an addiction to diet coke but because it was diet, I thought that couldn’t be possible – and when I gave it up, I realized that my life changed significantly."

"At AOL, I definitely learned on the job – it wasn’t like I was coming in to save the day."

"Of all the divisions, no one thought e-commerce was going to take off. The only thing selling online in 95 was flowers."

"I like being a problem solver. I like the growth phase."

"I always tell entrepreneurs that it’s really important to understand the phase that you like the best."

"The key is figuring out what problems you see that other people may not see. Mine was what I was drinking everyday and not understanding what I was putting into my body."

"Most people don’t’ think, "I’m going to go build the next unicorn" – and if it turns into the unicorn, it definitely didn’t’ start out that way."

"If your starting a business, think about what is going to give me fulfillment –and am I going to be able to make money."

"Don’t be in autopilot mode just because you see other entrepreneurs doing it."


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