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03: Interview with Charu Swaminathan

Charu Swaminathan:

This is such a fun discussion. I have to admit that I'm slightly obsessed with Charu and her company because it's so unique and I really wish it was around when I got married. Charu is an incredibly accomplished woman, and as you will hear, there isn't much that she can't do or won't try. She's an artist, she worked in IT as a database administrator, she a classical singer, and she loves jewelery. So who wouldn't go back to school for metal smithing to get a degree and make their own jewelry? That's just who she is! Charu is such a treat and a joy to speak with. We spoke about her company, Mishkalo, a wedding registry for art. Imagine this concept - forget going to someone's wedding registry to purchase a coffee maker, or a new set of steak knives. And consider registering for something much more special - a piece of art that the wedding couple has chosen to represent their life together. As the wedding guest, you enter the site, and contribute any amount that works for you - and now, you are giving the wedding couple a gift that they will cherish forever. They can buy their own darn coffee pot -but this is making memories! Hear her story and thought process behind this incredible company, Mishkalo! And if you know a couple getting married, I strongly suggest sending them to this link: https://mishkalo.com/


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“I am an artist at heart, so I enjoy creating things and just bringing my creativity out – whether its cooking or making jewelry or singing or now it’s Mishkalo. Trying to bring the beautiful world of art to engaged couples."

"We attend a lot of weddings, and we got a thank you note from a couple, thanking us for a blender. We thought it was a nice gesture. A few weeks later I found a receipt in my purse and I realized that I had bought them a set of wine glasses, not a blender. It was a genuine mistake. It was very transactional, it was a utilitarian gift."

"Artists just love this concept of building art for newly engaged couples. A lot of them have been trying to sell their art to couples but didn’t know how to do it."

"We are an online gallery where the artists display their artwork and once a couple chooses art they want, we create a registry page for them that they can share on their email by sending a link."

"We have clients all over the country because it’s an online business."

"You can always buy your pots and pans and sheets and towels, yourself."

"We want to make this a very personal and enjoyable experience for the brides and grooms."

"You just have to jump into the fire and just do."


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