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04: Interview with Saskia Sorrosa

Saskia Sorrosa:

Talk about a woman with a passion - meet Saskia Sorrosa. She amazes me! She had her dream job. She was the VP of Marketing for the NBA and after 11 years, with amazing benefits and the funnest job possible, she left to start her own company. What happened you ask? Kids happened! Saskia grew up on a banana farm in South America, and she enjoyed eating different types of food with plenty of spices and flavors. When she had her daughter, she wasn't happy with the baby food choices being offered in the market. For the first few years, Saskia would spend up to 3 hours in her kitchen preparing meals for her daughter, after work. But when she had her second daughter, she knew that it was spinning out of control and that she needed to make a choice. She chose to start Fresh Bellies. "Fresh Bellies is creating a new generation of healthful, adventurous eaters starting with a baby’s very first bite! We are changing the way kids eat from the onset by never masking vegetables with sweet fruit and tastefully seasoning with herbs and spices. Each Chef-formulated recipe helps your baby’s palate grow by exposing them to the bold and savory flavors they will eat as they get older. Fresh Bellies purees are made with organic ingredients, preservative-free and feature convenient packaging with a spoon in the lid, ideal for encouraging fine motor skills, at home or on-the-go. Good-bye, picky eating. You can find Fresh Bellies at http://freshbellies.com/

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“The NBA was my dream job. I was born and raised in S. America – and played basketball my whole life”.

"I was passionate about the sport, I played it, loved it, followed it – I went to college in the US and after college went into communications and marketing”.

"I saw a job opening at the NBA for a senior manager of communications – and I randomly applied online. I thought I would never get it. I moved to Miami and got a call from the NBA – it was crazy. The process took 3 or 4 months and I got the job”.

"I always said if I ever leave this job it would be to start my own company because there was nowhere I could go and have as much fun”.

"I had my first daughter and priorities started to shift a little bit".

"“I resorted to making all the food myself – it was like having a 2nd full time job. I would prep for 3 days of meals and it was 3 hours after work. It was just insane”.

"That’s when I thought – I wanted to approach baby food from a different perspective –and I thought if no one else is doing it, why can’t I do it".

"There is a lot of research on eating and how we learn to eat – our behaviors around eating – First Bite is my food bible. She takes years of research and compiles it into this book".

"Eating is a learned behavior – we are born as clean slates – we are pre wired to gravitate towards sweets – goes back to cave man – bitter was harmful, and sweet was edible –so we still have that in us – other than that – we are born as clean slates – first memories we have around food are so important –it is conditioned".

"Eating takes practice and most people don’t put the effort in and a big commitment – trying things over and over – and in different ways – it takes practice".

"I grew up on a banana farm – my dad was a farmer and he owned his own restaurant. I was in the kitchen a lot. But I wasn’t educated with a culinary degree and didn’t know how the industry worked".

"Something that is never missing in my kitchen is garlic and yellow onions".

"Advice that was given to me – don’t answer your own question".


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