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05: Interview with Laura Rothschild on Ro Literary

Laura Rothschild on Ro Literary

Laura is an exceptional woman who started up a literary agency, Ro Literary, a little over a year ago.  She's had several successful careers, all successful.  Laura's attitude is that you can do anything you want in life, and that you are the only one getting in your own way.  You shouldn't be afraid of what anyone else thinks, and should find what makes you happy.  She emphasized the importance of surrounding herself with people that raise her up, and relish in her happiness, rather than be around people who are going to drag her down.  And she's a firm believer that if things aren't working out, you can always pivot!  The beauty of pivoting is that it means you have choices.  She's a mom, and a business woman who has truly found what makes her tick.  I hope you enjoy her profound words of wisdom as much as I did.

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2:47 - "Surround yourself with people who are way more exceptional than you".

3:14 "I had to ask myself why was I always saying no"?

9:25 "I was naive when I started Ro Literary, and I didn't even think about it".

10:30 "To be a great writer you have to be a great reader".

12:10 "What's the worst thing that happens, if it doesn't work out, pivot".

16:14 "I asked for it. I was very clear. I'm very intentional about everything I do. I have a strong meditation practice and I visualize and ask".

21:53 "Women have a hard time asking to get paid".

26:32 "When I talk about pivoting, it's really looking at how am I going to utilize my skills and make money now".

44:45 "I don't do it all. I make choices and the reality is that I'm a mom and my kids are my priority"


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