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06: Interview with the “HAGS”


If you want to enjoy a completely entertaining interview with two very funny women, listen to the HAGS. Who and what is HAGS? HAGS co-hosts Riley Rose Critchlow and Nicole Wyland met on the set of a hit web show and have been creating feminist content together ever since. In 2016, they co-produced a gender-bending parody series called Get Bent, which highlights the way women are portrayed in Hollywood by putting women in the men's roles and vice versa. Their first release, "New Boy," is currently available on YouTube. In the spring of 2017, Riley and Nicole teamed up with "New Boy" director and head of Point of Blue Studios, Alex Reeves, to create HAGS. They host an incredible podcast and it can be found here: https://www.hagspodcast.com


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“HAGS stands for an old hag – we thought it was ridiculously silly term for a woman who is "God forbid", old or ugly. And this is what we are most interested in – how society tells us to be young and hot and beautiful and that’s some crap right there."

"We started working together a few years ago and we’re both very interested in pointing out how women are portrayed in our current media, but have antiquated gender roles. Women are portrayed as sex objects and complete idiots."

"We had somewhat of a working knowledge of how to put a show together and then we just decided to do it. For every idea, we go for, there’s about 15 we didn’t go for – if we hit a wall, we move on."

"Coming up on our year in April with the podcast. It took us a month from our initial meeting to having episodes up online. I was very interested in beauty and why we allow ourselves to be force fed that our value is based in beauty. I emailed a bunch of women and asked them what they thought about beauty. This is a huge conversation – and I realized that I wanted to do something like HAGS. We jumped right in – it was quick."

"It’s magical – we are very open and communicative – we have a system – if anyone is uncomfortable we raise a hand and take a quick pause – we are concerned with each other’s well- being. We have a lot of trust and can say anything to each other and it would be okay. That’s come over time. You never really know how it’s going to go until you just do it."

"We felt the rumblings and we felt it was time for things to change – it just so happened to be half way through the first year of our podcast. (Current news regarding Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, and the #metoo movement). I was angry and it’s lucky for our listeners to listen to our transition. We are in the same community and are experiencing the same things these women have gone through."

"People who say negative things about working for a woman, usually have never worked for a woman – that’s a 1980’s portrayal of working for a woman. It’s how we see female leaders portrayed in the media. We have an obligation to change that and that is tangible. Where we are portraying women not being cold and stern to get to the top."

"Talk to young men about how feminism benefits them – the sexes are equal and they deserve equal treatment. The term feminism sounds like femininity. The best way to get someone to have feminist feelings, is to have a woman that he admires a bad ass female video gamer or sports star – and be able to admire women for their strength."

"I hope to be viewed by others, is that we are fair – that we will listen to your point. Nobody tip toes around me."


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