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08: Interview with Kara Manqueros Photography

Kara Manqueros:

I've known Kara for years. And if you know her, you immediately feel and sense her warmth. Kara is one of the most compassionate and giving women I've ever met. She has 3 children, and she's a fabulous mom. I couldn't wait to interview her for this podcast because she did something incredibly brave. She turned her passion and love for photography, into a business. She has always taken amazing pictures, but she stepped it up and turned it into a business.   People can be demanding and harsh. But Kara took on the challenge and today, is one of the best photographers I know. She did this, all while raising her 3 children. She has a lot to say about the support of her husband, her friends, and her own faith to follow her heart. To see her work, please visit: http://www.karamanquerosphotography.com/

I hope you enjoy:)

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“My dad was a photographer so photography was in my life from day one."

"When you have like 6 or 7 people ask you to take pictures, you start to feel like maybe I should do something with this."

"The worst thing that's going to happen is I fail. And failing is okay. At least I know I will have tried."

"It feels like other people know your gift before you do."

"You can't get stressed out. I have an autistic child, a 5 year old and a 16 year old so I'm very spread out. You have to have faith."


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