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09: Interview with Suzy Houghton So Suzy Says

Suzy Houghton:

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Suzy Houghton, proud mother of 3 amazing children. Suzy was introduced through a mutual friend, and we had the best chat ever. She started the t-shirt and onesie line, "Just had a baby" that became wildly successful. It was featured in People Magazine and sold in over 60 cities. Recently, Suzy is the founder of the blog, So Suzy Says. She has always had a passion for finding great things, at affordable prices, and sharing her tips. She is known to her friends as, The Tipster. So, Suzy decided to share her tips with the world in her new blog. I have to admit, I'm in love with So Suzy Says. This blog is so affordable and fun that my weekly emails are addicting! I can't wait to get my email each week! This is an incredibly fun interview with so much to learn! If you want to find fantastic things from beauty products to clothes to great places to travel, visit So Suzy Says at www.sosuzysays.com. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

I hope you enjoy:)

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“I've always been known as the tipster because I always have the tip. The difference is that I love to share."

"Just had a baby - my husband said do it - so I did it."

"My father started Adweek so I grew up in the publishing world."

"I have been blessed with 3 children, they are my real treasure."

"If you mix and match - classic is always classic. You add in some trendy here and there, it's doable."

"If I start to beat myself up for not working sooner, I think that I just raised my children and I've done a really good job there".


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  1. Thanks for the shout out Suzy. So Suzy Says rocks!!!
    Suzy Houghton is an amazing women who has so many balls in the air and I love having her as part of our team!
    She has great style and taste.
    Just a note that Suzy first contacted me on Facebook , so to all of you out there use social media as a tool to get back into the work force. Support other women and move forward…
    Room at theBeach

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