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11: Interview with Sherry Nooravi, PsyD

Sherry Nooravi, PsyD

Today I spoke with one of my all time favorite people.  Simply put, she is a stud.  From the minute I met Sherry, I knew she was special.  She's humble, intelligent, thoughtful, and gives back to her community.  She is the founder of Strategy Meets Performance, a company to help people build the team environment that they've always wanted.  She's also an academic and gives some fantastic tips on how you can get involved in academia if that's your thing. She's very involved with Room to Read and you will hear all about that on the show as well.
I knew that when we spoke, she would be able to offer tips and advice for women looking to get back in the work force.
Please enjoy:)

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“I love helping people become better than they are."

"Starting my own business, I had doubts and negative self talk along the way, sure."

"Paying attention to our thoughts is so important."

"Start exploring things you're interested in."

"80% of life is just showing up."

"One organization that I've been supporting for many years is Room to Read. It's a non-profit that builds schools and libraries in developing countries."

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