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12: Interview with Chris Atley

Chris Atley:

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Chris Atley. Wow, I have to admit, we had a rough start. I must clarify, it was all my fault. I left town and when I came home, my software updated (without my knowledge), which meant I was unable to tape and basically, nothing worked. I know, life never goes as planned, but I felt so awful and ashamed of all the mishaps, that I was sure this interview would be a mess. Quite the opposite! When Chris and I finally connected and she was amazing. The conversation was inspired, exciting, and filled with tons of positive energy. She is the founder of Decisions by Design, and you will hear all about her spiritual awakening after watching, The Secret, and other family dynamics. Chris changed her life and is living her passion! You can check her out at chrisatley.com. Sit back, relax and enjoy Chris!

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“Decisions by Design is a coaching and speaking company that I founded almost 10 years ago to help small business owners live their big lifestyle dreams."

"We can be, and do, and have everything in life."

"When my dad passed away, was the start of my spiritual awakening. I was feeling sad and angry and like something had to give, so I started asking some really big questions."

"Watching The Secret forever changed my ."

"Even my entrepreneurial clients still undervalue themselves and that's one of the biggest things we work on."

"Feed yourself with positive thoughts. Make a conscious decision to feed your mind with positive thoughts and a great tool for that is having a gratitude practice".


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