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13: Interview with Kathryn Holdforth

Kathryn Holdforth:

This morning I had the pleasure of speaking with Kathryn Holdforth, founder of JK Naturals. Wow, she is just awesome. Kathryn loves everything and anything that is natural. She started making "stuff", and before long, she was getting requests from friends for her all natural products. She's like "Mixologist" who is willing to spend hours and even years perfecting her products until they are just right. Kathryn describes herself "like a dog with a bone"...if there's a problem, she's going to fix it. And that's how her infamous deodorant came to be. She tested it and tested it and tested it some more - until finally, she made the perfect product that is so effective, it works on her husband who trains for marathons. A big issue for Kathryn is all the chemicals that we see in our products today, and she is determined to be the change. Sit back, relax, and enjoy Kathryn Holdforth:)

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“Back in the 90's, a friend was making arnica balms and salves so I was intrigued and asked if I could come watch."

"I've always loved natural, so I started making stuff. And then I was getting requests from friends asking if I could make things for them."

"Every product I makes serves a purpose."

"I spent the next full year trying to tweak that recipe so my stick deodorant would work."

"I'm really tired of all the chemicals out there on the market - and especially sold to moms who have kids. They're just putting these chemicals on their children and I really want to make a difference there. I know that natural and clean ingredients do work so why aren't we using them more?"

"I'm trying to teach people to turn the products around and read the ingredients on the back."
"As we all know, it takes money to make money."


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