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16: Interview with Jeanette Pearson

Jeanette Pearson:

Today I spoke with Jeanette Pearson - BOOM! I need to prepare you to be ready to jump out of your chair and start living your best life today! She is such a joy to speak with because of her passion for life - her husband, her job and mostly, her new baby girl! Jeanette if filled with more passion than one human being can handle...and she SHARES it with everyone around her! Here's a little bit about Jeanette's motto: 
You CAN be a mama AND be SUPER sexy, confident, magnetic, and energized.
I will give you the tools to feel confident, sexy, powerful, balanced, and energetic.
You birthed a beautiful child and it left you desperately trying to meet up with your physical expectations, struggling to fit into your jeans, all while feeling beyond tired, wildly out-of balance, guilty about everything, and at a loss for how to access the celebration of your body and your life.
Let’s face it. You’re overwhelmed. You’re tired of hiding from your own reflection and comparing yourself incessantly to other women. You are ashamed about letting yourself go…. and about not using your gym membership. You feel massive pressures to take care of everyone else and extreme guilt when it comes to taking care of yourself. Oh…. and you’re exhausted. I know the feeling because I have been there mama.
That is how I know that NOW is the time to reclaim your identity as a WOMAN and as a MOTHER. Okay ladies, get ready for some extraordinary, with Jeanette!

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“I found the people who helped me with my website through my network of moms and extraordinary women.I reached out and it came back to me in spades."

"The content on the website is a lifelong journey. It was a pretty sped along process mainly because I didn't want to hold all this information from the world - and I feel like online is such a wonderful way to connect with women and mothers that I don't know."

"When I was pregnant I took great care of myself and I had no intention of letting myself go. And then I had my daughter and was in awe of how extraordinary she was, and I really let my own self-care slip."

"I hadn't take a minute for myself since her birth and it was having a physical impact on me. This is not the woman I want to be if I want my daughter to have an extraordinary life."

"Changing the way I was doing motherhood, changing the game for myself, starting to take care, create the structure, if I wanted to live life in a sustainable way."

"The Facebook group is for all women that are interested in taking care of themselves?"

"Nursing your soul, that's the work."
"My husband is super supportive and awesome. He's the most extraordinary father."

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