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18: Interview with Sandy Aprahamian

Sandy Aprahamian:

Today I spoke with Sandy Aprahamian, the founder of EdNavigators.  Sandy's business is Educational Consulting – Empowering YOU to Navigate Your Personal Educational Path – Your Advocate and Guide – Specializing in Test Prep, College Essays, Learning Style Identification, Finding "Best-Fit" Schools and Colleges, The College Admissions Process – All Sessions Are Offered In-Person, Virtually or a Combination of both.  Here is why I LOVE Sandy.  There are a lot of people out there who are happy to take your money and tell you that they can give you an edge and help make your life easier during this grueling process. After all, who wants to fight with their kids during this stressful year? Not me!  But people, I'm begging you to do your research before you hire someone who paints a picture of wine and roses.  Having a senior in HS, and finding the RIGHT college for them, is no joke.  Filling out the applications, writing the infamous essays, THEN taking ACT and SAT's, is stressful.  This is a process, and you want someone who is in your court.  Sandy is the whole package rolled into one, and you will learn all about how she accomplishes this on today's show.

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“My kids are terrific, but I have to admit, the entire time, being home, I knew that I needed to do a little bit more. I love being with them but I definitely had that feeling of lack of self worth."

"I have a great husband. Superman I call him."

"As my kids got to be teenagers I said I want to live by my family. I made the deal with my husband that I would work – not only did I want to move to be by my family, I wanted to put my kids in private schools."

"They key to my success is I have this great family network."

"I’m still involved in volunteering, I just don’t take leadership roles. I want to set an example for my kids."

"My husband said to me one day, you’re too available to the kids."

"I want to be a source that people can trust. I want to be that person that I would want my own kids to go to. I’m gonna be honest and I’m gonna do the very best I can for each student."

"If you talk to other adults who are successful, they did not all go to these 100 schools – there are 4000 schools out there. They did different things – they followed their dreams."

"There’s a lot of anxiety and depression on these campuses – you can’t help but miss that."

"The end goal isn’t getting into college – college is a stepping stone to life."


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