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04: Feeling Fabulous with Randi Crawford – Bren McClain – One Good Mama Bone

Bren McClain - Honoring Motherhood

Speaking with Bren McClain was a real honor.  She is a totally down to earth person, with more passion than just about anyone I've ever spoken with.  She has two great loves in life - writing and animals.  She knew at the age of 3 that she wanted to be a writer, and boy was she on target.  She also grew up in the South, and had a life changing experience on her father's farm with cows that were weaning - and when she heard the moaning and the cries of the calves being torn from their mothers, she made a promise that day to honor that experience and tell their story.  She wrote, One Good Mama Bone, which is an extraordinary story about a single mother whose life is changed when she meets, Mama Red, a cow that will ultimately teach her about mothering.  Bren has incredible lessons for all of us about passions, sticking with something, and just life in general.  I hope you enjoy our conversation.  Cheers.

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  • It never crossed my mind to quit 1.21
  • I tend to write about things I want to honor, so you've got to see things through 1.31
  • I do remember this feeling of electricity down in my bones
  • I can't bring your baby back, but I can tell your story 2.17

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It's about going back to when you were a little girl, and what brought you joy.

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  1. Randi, I can’t thank you enough for making this SO MUCH FUN!!! You are at total doll. Loved every second talking to you. Bren

  2. Great Interview!!!!

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