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Monica Ruffo
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08: Interview with Monica Ruffo

What an incredibly refreshing interview! Monica Ruffo, founder of Well Told Health is more than just a go-getter. She has will power and determination like I've never seen before. Monica, as a single mother, decided to become an entrepreneur. She broke off from her agency, started a new company and faced many challenges along the way. But her biggest obstacle was her breast cancer diagnosis that came out of nowhere. Not only did she beat it, but she managed to get through it with as little side effects as possible because of her desire to find ways around it. She started a wellness company, plant based, that literally rocks my world. You will learn all about her journey on this show! You can find her products at https://welltold.com. I've been using the Tumeric, Energy Booster and the Relaxation Booster at night - LOVE ALL OF THEM!

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“Ive always been in advertising and marketing, and I was fortunate to get a good job right out of school working at an advertising agency. It turns out that I really loved what I did and I was quite good at it."

"I felt like I wanted to try this whole entrepreneurship thing on my own. It took a while to get my head wrapped around leaving and the risk associated with that – and my kids were small, but I did decide I wanted to start an agency of my own."

"It’s very scary because as much as I was unhappy where I was, I was definitely in my comfort zone. I knew everyone, I was doing well, and those are some of the hardest things to change – leaving that comfort zone."

"The agency I started had a very clear vocation, we only worked with brands that made meaningful contributions to people’s lives."

"We had a client who had promised us a pretty significant piece of business, we had signed a contract and everything. That was going to be our kick off client. But then 2008 turned out to be this crazy recession year and basically the project evaporated."

"At the time I started the new agency, it was beyond stressful and I honestly had moments where I thought, what have I done?"

"You never know what’s around the corner and if you think you’re doing the right thing, and it makes you happy and you’re passionate about it and you’re contributing something to the world. But, you have to stick with it, you have to see it through."

"There’s no breast cancer in my family – there was nothing that would have made me think I would be at risk for that – and as it turns out, it was a very tiny tumor, so it was stage 1 A, but it was extremely aggressive."

"Vitamin C mitigates the side effects of chemotherapy, and radiation, and it’s been shown to decrease recurrence. There’s a lot of controversy around it. Throughout the chemotherapy, I didn’t really have any side effects at all."

"I also did cold caps – what they do is, you put this frozen cap on your head, during the chemo, (an hour before), and it freezes your hair follicles so you don’t lose your hair. It doesn’t work for everybody. I was very fortunate, I didn’t lose any hair at all."

"The took the top 100 brands in the market and they did a label analysis – and concluded that 33% of the ingredients were natural – 33% were clearly synthetic and the last third is unidentifiable – you have no way to know where the product comes from – the fact that it doesn’t have to be identified is crazy – this analysis took 3 or 4 months. And I can’t be the only one out there who wants to take supplements that are actually natural. I decided that I would set out and create that company."

"Our products will be certified organic, no synthetics, no fillers, non GMO, no gluten, no soy and vegan."

"You should be getting all the nutrients you need from your food. We don’t try to replace a well balanced diet. There are a lot of multi vitamins and there’s no such thing as one size fits all. We make things you can’t get from food –like vitamin D."


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