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15: Interview with Denee Evans

Denee Evans:

This morning I had the pleasure of speaking with Denee Evans, married, mother of two, and CEO of the CMLS.  She is the real deal.  When I asked her about balance, she laughed because she's given up on balance.  "You just have to manage your life and find a way to make everything work".  Her husband was a big part of supporting her decision to accept this large job, plus, he's an awesome support to her, which I'm learning is a big part of this "going back to work" puzzle.  She gives great tips on finding out what your passion is and what direction you may want to take after a career break.  I personally love the tip where she tells me that you need to find your "squad" and get their input! What an interesting idea - have someone else tell you what they think you are great at. Just a different way of looking at the world, through someone else's eyes. Lots of great nuggets, so sit back, and enjoy Denee!

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“I have completely given up on balance. I just don't think you can ever find it. It is about how to manage and fit in all parts of you, into your life."

"I started out in banking, that's where I met my husband at Bank of America."

"My husband actually pushed me to take this job knowing that I would be traveling quite a bit. He's amazing."

"A stay at home mom is the hardest job - you never get a break. You don't get a lunch hour and you don't get a vacation."

"If you're looking to go back to work, make a list of what' you're really awesome at. Even if it's within your house - what are you really good at? If you need help, call 5 friends and ask them."

"Forget the time that you weren't somewhere because you were - you were working harder than whoever was sitting across the chair from you."

"Build that support system because you're going to question - use them to build you back up because you're going to need it."


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