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02: Interview with Stacy Feintuch

Stacy Feintuch:

Who would have thought that an interview with a widow would be fun and funny? Not me, but I was wrong. Stacy Feintuch is a force! She became a widow overnight, and was totally caught off guard. But she held it together for her daughters..until she didn't. Stacy lived a robotic life, going through the motions, until one day a friend told her that she needed help. She learned that you can't do it alone - and as soon as she started getting the help and tools she needed for her family, she blossomed. Stacy had so many stories to tell, and wasn't sure what to do with them. With no formal training, Stacy decided to google, "How to start a blog" and before she knew it, she was viral. What I personally find incredible, is that she is raising her girls, who are college age, and she's figuring it out on her own. I think when you're married, you rely on your partner for so much that you can't imagine what you would do in her situation. But if you listen to this interview, she tells it like it is and you realize that all of us are capable. In fact, we have no idea what we can actually do - but ladies, we are stronger than we think. You can also read her stories here: http://www.thewidowwearspink.com/. She's also featured on Grown & Flown, Scary Mommy and the Today Parenting Team. Stacy rocks my world - I hope you enjoy her as much as I do:)

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“I lived a regular life – I got married, we had 2 beautiful daughters. We had a nice house, nice friends, nice family, nice neighborhood. One day my husband decided to go out for a run, and when he came back he said he didn’t feel good and it turned out he had a heart attack and he died that night."

"My girls and I got through it, but I got through it, almost faking it. I tried to do everything I was supposed to do, but inside I wanted to vomit, all day long. And I went on like that for years. As the girls were getting older, they were getting better and I was getting worse."

"I was a mess. I went to a therapist and learned all these tools to help myself and help my children better. It’s like when you hit that rock bottom moment and you want to change, and that’s what happened with me."

"I had so many stories in my head about what happened with us and with my girls and I thought that I should write it down – so I said to one of my friends, almost half kidding, “Do you think I should start a blog?”"

"I had never written before – this was all new to me. I didn’t go to school for writing, nothing."

"Most likely this isn’t going to happen to you, but when it does, you are completely unprepared for it."

"My daughters have a certain respect for me because they’ve seen what I’ve been through and they know that I’m alone – they call me a cool mom, but not the kind of mom that lets kids come over and drink alcohol all night – I’m not that kind of a cool mom."

"My daughter lost her roommate 48 hours before school was about to start, and with her extreme anxiety, for her, it was like 10x more than anybody else’s devastation. It was such a disaster that it was one of those times I wasn’t sure I would get through it alone. I was nauseous, I couldn’t breathe, it was horrible."

"You can do it at any age – but I did it, you can and there is nothing else to it. If there is something you’ve always wanted to do, go do it. I have a friend who is my age and she is happily married but wants to be a nurse and she’s going back to nursing school."


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