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03: Feeling Fabulous with Randi Crawford – Sheryl Sandberg TED Talk

Sheryl Sandberg - More Than a Working Woman

I listened to another terrific talk that I wasn’t sure would fit with my criteria of uplifting women who want to get back into the world doing more than volunteering their time due to a long career break. That is until I listened to Sheryl Sandberg and realized that she is much more than a working woman who only speaks to working women. Sheryl is not only brilliant, but she is a fighter. She is a single mom with a huge job outside of the home as well as inside the home. On top of those 2 jobs, she wrote a book which ultimately started an entire movement for women around the world to Lean In. I had no idea about the Lean In movement until I listened to her talk. She is the COO of facebook and the founder of Leanin.org.

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  • Lean In Based on the Book written by Sheryl Sandberg > [.24-.32]
  • There’s a whole Lean In community…who meet regularly 2:34
  • We’re more powerful when we encourage each other 4:10
  • We are allies, not enemies 5:24
  • Age old riddle 8:50
  • Find Lean in groups in your area – different personality in each group 11:18
  • I strongly suggest you go online and check out the Lean in community 11:38
  • They feel that a small group is more productive 11:48

Significant Quotes

“We’re in an era now where the strange and unique is accepted and interesting” 44:45

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Sheryl Sandberg TED TALK

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