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06: Interview with Jill Salzman on The Founding Moms

Jill Salzman on The Founding Moms

After listening to Jill's TED Talk, Why Moms Make the Best Entrepreneurs, I was inspired to speak with her about what she did to open her own businesses. Jill stood up on stage and told stories as if she were one of us. She's a real mom, a regular mom, who has the same mom challenges we all do, yet she has started multiple businesses and successfully sold her Bumble Bells business. Jill shoots from the hip: she doesn't know what she is doing, she just does it. This can-do attitude has led her to many successful ventures. In fact, Jill told me that had she known everything that was involved in starting a business, she may never have started them! Everything she's done has been organic. And hopefully, what she's been able to accomplish will inspire some of you.

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“What I have heard over the years is that there are two things that stop everybody from launching anything, those being fear and guilt. Or a combo of the two. The fear is I’m going to be told no or I’m going to be a failure. The guilt part is I can’t do this to my kids and take time away from them."

"Women tend to grab a card from the, “It’s never gonna work” pile."

"I’m just another woman doing this thing, but if I keep working at it, look at all the stuff that happens."

"What’s fascinating to me is everybody has the same questions and the same problems everywhere."


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